Type “Yorkshire Terriers” into Google and you’ll get over 9-million results. Hop on social media and you’ll see that over 1-million Instagram posts are tagged with the phrase, “YorkieLove” and countless Facebook groups are dedicated to the celebration of this adorable breed. One thing is for absolute certain: we all LOVE Yorkshire Terriers—and for good reason!

If you’re a Yorkie owner, you just get it; no other breed can compare! And as if you needed more validation that choosing to purchase a Yorkie puppy was the best decision you’ve ever made, I’ve got you covered.Let’s break down just a few things that make Yorkshire Terriers the smartest, cutest, and most irresistible breed in the eyes of their owner!

Yorkies are full of attitude

Things Only Yorkie Owners Understand

Don’t let the size fool you. Even though our Yorkshire Terriers puppies will probably max out at roughly seven pounds fully grown, these little guys are fierce and feisty! I’m not exactly sure how so much personality can fit into such a small package, but it certainly makes life with a Yorkie all the more interesting!

Yorkies love to be active

It doesn’t take much to ensure a Yorkshire Terrier gets enough exercise (they are tiny after all!) but they certainly need it. These little balls of energy go crazy when allowed to run free in your backyard (zoomies, anyone?) and will keep you active, as well, with short walks throughout the day.

Yorkies are happy, yappy dogs

Reasons to Purchase a Yorkie Puppy

OK yes, Yorkshire Terriers have a reputation for being a bit yappy, but they’re so cute and tiny that it’s more adorable than anything else. Yorkie owners would likely all agree that the high-pitched bark of their favorite companion is just a sweet little way of saying hello—a language of love, if you will. Plus, the “notice me” yapping of a Yorkshire Terrier makes for an excellent guard dog.

Yorkies are incredibly smart

Yorkies are very loyal and LOVE to please their owners, which makes them very responsive to treat and praise-based training. Once they realize the connection between doing what you ask and receiving lots of positive attention, they’ll be quick to master many commands.

Yorkies are VERY fashion-forward

Custom Dresses for Female Yorkie Puppies

It doesn’t matter what you put them in, no other breed can accessorize like a Yorkshire Terrier. With their diva attitude in mind, it was a no brainer for me to start making Diva Dresses for Yorkies (and their owners) who live for a bit of glamour! Custom made with sizes ranging from XXXS to Large, these dresses allow Yorkie owners to spoil their pups like true princesses! Looking for more style examples, visit the Wendy’s Yorkie’s Facebook page and stay up to date on new creations!

Dresses for Female Yorkies

So now we want to hear from you; what’s one thing you’ve come to understand as a Yorkie owner? Do you have a funny story to share or something new to add to our list? Let us know in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.

One thing I’m sure we can all agree on is that being a Yorkie owner is truly something special. We may be biased, but there’s no better breed in our eyes!