So thankful for Wendy’s Quality Bloodline s

We recently lost our beloved Yorkie to an undetected heart defect and were devastated and fearful of acquiring a Yorkie with questionable breeding. We found Wendy and waited the amount of time necessary for our puppy to be old enough to adopt and have realized that our decision to buy a puppy from her was the best decision we could have made! Not only is she small like we wanted but she is so incredibly intelligent and affectionate. Wendy is great after the sale, too, she answered her phone on the first ring when I had an urgent question while at the Vets office for her puppy shots. We recommend Wendy to everyone looking for a Yorkie or the designer Morkie.

Starla Green

Beautifully made!

So happy to have found Wendy to make clothes for my lil Yorkie! She is great to work with and keeps u inform thur the process. This is the first dress I have ordered from her, so I was a lil nervous . When it arrived and I opened the box I was thrilled! Perfect packaging! The workmanship is spectacular and the fit was perfect!!!!! I am quite pleased and I am placing another order with her.

Cindy Rody

Beautiful little Dallas

After losing our little 3 pound, 17 yr old yorkie 6 months ago, we decided it was time to share our home and love with another baby. After research, we contacted Wendy’s Yorkies and could not be happier. The whole experience of adopting our little Dallas was so positive. He is gorgeous and so rambunctious. Only 8 weeks and already loves to cuddle and play. And, of course we had to have Wendy’s Louis Vuitton and Gucci jackets for him. Spoiled baby!!

Alice Angelone

Stunning Demi!

We are so grateful we stumbled upon Wendy’s website ..we found our perfect addition to our family… she arrived so curious, energetic, and heartfelt… in just 5 days she’s become part of the fabric of our family ❤️


Spectacular Dresses!

Thank you Wendy! Your dresses for Tiki are a perfect fit and one of a kind. You are great to work with!

Cindy Rody


Last Tuesday we were blessed to pick up our little man at Wendy’s Yorkies. We had lost our Yorkie earlier after having him for 14 1/2 years, and our hearts were heavy from missing our Scooter. Wendy was very loving, kind, and picked our hearts up and cared for us. She listened with compassion and presented us with an adorable 9 week old precious baby. He was clean, happy, gave us kisses, and healthy. He was ready to go if we wanted him. The rest is history! She gave us his food sample, papers, insurance, what he likes and doesn’t, answered any questions we had. Because he was raised lovingly, he had an easy adjustment coming to our home. I highly recommend Wendy’s Yorkies to anyone because of her care for her Yorkies and her love for people. She has contacted me as well to see how we are doing and how our “Ollie” is doing and to see if we had anymore questions. If your looking for a Yorkie check out Wendy’s Yorkies, you won’t be disappointed! Thank you Wendy and blessings to you.💕

Alice Wimberley

Our Little Fireball

Our little fireball has completely put more happiness in our home. He is so curious and full of life.
As others have mentioned in previous comments, we also lost our 15yr old Yorkie Halo, and were sceptical about purchasing from out of state, Wendy is Heaven sent.
Communication is her Top priority and follows up from the moment our little boy got home. He was the runt of the litter. However his personality far exceeds any.
Thank You Mrs. WENDY, for your trustworthiness and honesty. Our baby boy is PRICELESS!
Denise Pacheco

Denise Pacheco

Our Baby Whiskey

After unknowingly adopting my baby from a puppy mill we spent 9 years fighting to keep our baby happy and healthy. After losing the battle we decided to adopt again praying for a healthy pup. Wendy gave us that opportunity and my new baby Whiskey is absolutely perfect! He is so loving with so much personality. He knows how cute he is. In 9 years my last Yorkie could not hit a pee pad but Whiskey doesn’t miss thanks to Wendy. Although we still miss Yeager, our family has been made whole again. I can not say enough about how great Wendy’s Yorkies is. I highly recommend adopting from Wendy. Her first priority is her pups and my experience adopting from her has been absolutely positive. Thanks to Wendy for blessing us with Whiskey.

Jennifer Montgomery

Precious Trinity

I have looked far and wide for a beautiful baby girl to add to my family. Wendy supplied that dream. I saw sweet Trinity on her website. She wasn’t for sale. I contacted Wendy and she graciously allowed me to get her.

Trinity is such a feisty little girl. When I told Wendy she was everything I have dreamed of, Wendy agreed. Every day is so full of joy because of this little 3 1/2 pound ball of energy.

Wendy is the absolute best place to find a fur baby to fill your life with joy.

Thank you Wendy.

Annette Hartley

Annette Hartley

My little love, Annie!

My little Annie has been a God-send to me. She’s an absolutely beautiful Morkie, who is just a little bundle of love. Having recently lost my Yorkie of 12 years, I was devastated. Annie has brought a renewed joy into my home and heart. I couldn’t have found a more perfect happy, healthy puppy. Wendy is a wonderful breeder who truly cares about her babies and their health. I wouldn’t hesitate to adopt from Wendy again. Thank you Wendy!

Suzanne Ham

Small but Mighty Thor

First I want to say that Thor is an AMZAING puppy and the first puppy that I have every had do so well with potty training! I am sure you have read all the reviews on how great Wendy’s puppies are and those reviews are 100% all true! I am not going to repeat what you have already heard or probably read about her puppies. I want to talk about Wendy as a person just to give some more insight into what you would be getting. To say she is amazing is still an understatement! She truly cares about each and every one of these dog whether they are in her care or in their new homes. I had a issue with a vet not respecting my wishes which caused problems for my puppy and Wendy was there every step of the way. I mean she even answered my calls and took time out of her day (one of those days was her birthday) to help me navigate getting my little one feeling better. She utilized every resources she had and even made sure to check on him if she went to long with hearing from me. I say all this because not only is she an amazing breeder but she is an AMAZING person as well! I promise if you get a puppy from her you will not be disappointed and will have someone that is truly there for you when you need them! Oh and Thor is doing great and he is truly a joy in our lives. (Didn’t want to leave everyone wondering on that lol)

Alexandria Lightning

She is the BEST

She is the most professional dog breeder. Her dogs are like her family. Housed and taken care of in the best manner. Wendy is kind and courteous and knows her dogs like the back of her hand. I’ll always use her.

Jennifer Ebbs

My lil Travelin’ Man; RAZR

I can not put into words how Wendy has fulfilled my life with the most amazing lil package….”RAZR” At only 12 weeks (picked him up at 11 weeks old), he is so very cute, loving, playful, and yes, now obey’s the command, SIT before I pick him up..(he would jump until I’d pick him up). Now, when I approach, he’ll sit, I’d say “good boy” and pick him up. So Intelligent!! He has not yet voided in the house except on the piddle pad. But, he’ll most times hold it until I take him out. I’m BLESSED beyond calculation. Wendy has put dedicated hard work into her Yorkies that are evident even at day one. With the countless backyard breeders who breed for money ONLY and care less about the health and cleanliness of their Yorkies, that’s IF you get one and not scammed out of any deposit, I was BLESSED to have found Wendy – and not too far from me. She raises BEAUTIFUL babies, healthy babies, calm, inquisitive, playful and smart babies. My visit to the Vet for his 2nd set of shots and a full workover yielded kuddos from the Vet. According to him: RAZR had great lung sounds, heart sound, perfect ears, bright eyes, perfect statue, nice flat topline and a perfect bite. He said, “you got a gem” I AGREE!!! Wendy, you will be my GO TO for another in the future. I appreciate your dedication to your babies, your compassion to fulfill an emptiness for new ‘parents’ seeking a solid healthy companion.

Katelyn Jacobs

We love our new baby!

Our experience with buying a morkie from Wendy was fantastic! I did lots of research before locating Wendy and am so happy we connected. Wendy was responsive from the beginning and because I live out of town, she was kind to send videos and photos of Chloe. When I arrived to pick Chloe up, she was playful with the other pups in the home and I immediately felt assured this was our dog. Wendy was very thorough going over all of the feeding and additional instructions for our new baby. She even provided a cute “going home bag” with some toys that Chloe enjoys and hair bow, vitamins, a blanket. Wendy was so lovely and she really cares about her pups. We made the best decision buying from Wendy and recommend to anyone looking. Thank you Wendy and her family!

Liz McDonald


We are so thankful we found Wendy and her yorkies. We fell in love with Romeo sight unseen in only a picture. He is a perfect fit for our herd. She is very knowledgeable and such a pleasure to work with.

Pamela Clem


After losing my puppy during COVID he was (16YRS) it has been extremely hard. We thought we found a puppy but he passed after 3 days. Needless to say we had just ab out given up…Then after researching and looking we found WENDY and her PUPS. Wendy is exceptional with the quality and care she gives to her pups and it definetely shows. Finley is a perfect addition to our family. He has quickly won our hearts and his place. He is funny, intelligent and not shy. Wendy has done an amazing job at socializing him, and just all the way around solid 5 month old ball of energy. He is healty at 4.5LBS and so smart. We are forever grateful to Wendy and highly insist if your looking for your sweetie definetely go with WENDYS YORKIES, ( she is number 8 in all US for YORKIE BREEDERS) and I can see why…..

Jenny Cly

Meet Peanut!

I got Peanut at 12 weeks and she is thriving! She came via the Pet Nanny service from Texas to Colorado. This process was seamless and Wendy checked in every step of the way. I was happy to have found Wendy’s Yorkies and you can tell Wendy truly cares for her pups with the detailed instructions she provides. She is correct when she says “pre-spoiled” — and in the best way ever. Peanut is so smart and is learning fast. If you are looking for a Yorkie, trust Wendy’s Yorkies!

Allison Bequette


We got PROMISE from Wendy 2019. She is a beautiful 4lb. pistol! We could not be happier! Since 2019 we bought 2 more yorkies. Cindy & George!!!, PROMISE, BOOTZY, & SHYANNE in VA GOD BLESS YOU EACH & EVERY DAY!

Cynthia Pair

My Toby has cancer.

Toby is a Morkie I adopted from Wendy ten years ago, with his Buddy Texas. Unfortunately, Toby was diagnosed with a melanoma in October. My vet sent us to a canine oncologist. My husband and I decided not to go with the Drs. Plan. It would cause too much trauma with no guarantees.
My first thought was Wendy. I text her, sent pictures and she responded with a plan. Now remember this is ten years later. We keep in touch and she continues to share her vast knowledge. I could not be more grateful or humbled by her kindness.
This is the breeder you need to chose because she is by far The Best! Thank you Wendy for giving us more time with Toby🥰

Lorraine Corrado

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