I can not put into words how Wendy has fulfilled my life with the most amazing lil package….”RAZR” At only 12 weeks (picked him up at 11 weeks old), he is so very cute, loving, playful, and yes, now obey’s the command, SIT before I pick him up..(he would jump until I’d pick him up). Now, when I approach, he’ll sit, I’d say “good boy” and pick him up. So Intelligent!! He has not yet voided in the house except on the piddle pad. But, he’ll most times hold it until I take him out. I’m BLESSED beyond calculation. Wendy has put dedicated hard work into her Yorkies that are evident even at day one. With the countless backyard breeders who breed for money ONLY and care less about the health and cleanliness of their Yorkies, that’s IF you get one and not scammed out of any deposit, I was BLESSED to have found Wendy – and not too far from me. She raises BEAUTIFUL babies, healthy babies, calm, inquisitive, playful and smart babies. My visit to the Vet for his 2nd set of shots and a full workover yielded kuddos from the Vet. According to him: RAZR had great lung sounds, heart sound, perfect ears, bright eyes, perfect statue, nice flat topline and a perfect bite. He said, “you got a gem” I AGREE!!! Wendy, you will be my GO TO for another in the future. I appreciate your dedication to your babies, your compassion to fulfill an emptiness for new ‘parents’ seeking a solid healthy companion.