After losing my puppy during COVID he was (16YRS) it has been extremely hard. We thought we found a puppy but he passed after 3 days. Needless to say we had just ab out given up…Then after researching and looking we found WENDY and her PUPS. Wendy is exceptional with the quality and care she gives to her pups and it definetely shows. Finley is a perfect addition to our family. He has quickly won our hearts and his place. He is funny, intelligent and not shy. Wendy has done an amazing job at socializing him, and just all the way around solid 5 month old ball of energy. He is healty at 4.5LBS and so smart. We are forever grateful to Wendy and highly insist if your looking for your sweetie definetely go with WENDYS YORKIES, ( she is number 8 in all US for YORKIE BREEDERS) and I can see why…..