Thanksgiving is a time of family, friends, and delicious food. It’s no wonder why your Yorkshire Terrier wants to join in on the party! However, just as Halloween posed some threats to your Yorkie, Thanksgiving does to. Follow these Thanksgiving dos and don’ts to keep your Yorkie safe this year.

Yorkshire Terrier lies on brown dog bed

DO…know which foods are safe to feed to your

Chances are, your Yorkshire Terrier will be tempted by all the food there is on Thanksgiving Day. And there’s nothing wrong with that! There are plenty of great foods your Yorkie can eat on Thanksgiving. However, there are also just as many dangerous foods that can cause your Yorkie to get sick. Before making your Yorkie a plate for Thanksgiving dinner, check out the ASPCA’s list of safe foods here.

DON’T…let guests feed your pup from the table

Even if you give your Yorkie a plate of their own, you’ll likely find them right at your feet as you try to eat your own dinner. While you may know which foods are safe for your pup, your guests may not. A child may give some scraps to your pup, not knowing that the food they gave them is toxic. As such, remind everyone at the table not to give your Yorkie any food. If you have to, keep your pup in a separate room until dinner is over.

DO…take out the trash

While you’re cooking, you will be throwing out scraps, bones, and other bits and pieces of food. Some of these scraps may cause your Yorkie harm. If your Yorkshire Terrier has a habit of getting into the trash can, be sure to take out the garbage frequently so that even if they do get into it, they won’t eat anything they shouldn’t.

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