yorkshire terrier sitting in car

Summer is almost upon us, and that’s mean we’re gearing up for summer vacations. As you’re preparing for your summer vacation, you may be tempted to bring your Yorkshire Terrier along with you. If that’s the case, here are some tips on how best to travel with your Yorkie.

Driving vs. Flying

When planning your trip, you’ll need to decide how to travel. Since Yorkie’s are small, they can often sit with you on a flight. Yet, while flying is faster, it can also be more stressful. Airport traffic, delays, cancellations, and turbulence are just some of the many things you will face. In most cases, then, driving is best when traveling with a dog. Plus, they’ll be able to stop for a potty break more frequently and you won’t be dealing with any accidents.

Keep them safe

Whether you decide on flying or driving, you need to keep your Yorkie safe. While flying, that means keeping them in a crate at all times. If you’re driving, a dog car seat can ensure that your Yorkie doesn’t try to climb all over the car. If you ever take your dog out of the car, make sure they are on a leash.

Manage their anxiety

Some dogs will have no problem traveling, while others will become incredibly anxious. If your Yorkie is in the latter category, then you’ll need to take steps to alleviate their anxiety. Medications prescribed by your veterinarian can help lower your Yorkie’s anxiety levels enough for the trip.

For more tips on how to care for your Yorkshire Terrier, read through our blog or contact us today!