Grooming your Yorkshire Terrier isn’t just for looks. It also keeps them healthy and happy. Here, we discuss the top tips when it comes to grooming your Yorkie.

Show coat or pet trim?

Yorkshire Terrier Dog with long groomed Hair

How you groom your Yorkshire Terrier will depend on the type of look you want. Do you want a show coat or a pet trim?

Show coats are best for show dogs. Owners who opt for this option will need to devote time and energy to their Yorkie’s coat. It’ll need to be styled on a regular basis by a professional groomer, and your Yorkie should be bathed weekly.

Pet trims, meanwhile, require less maintenance and are good for Yorkies that will only be your lovable companion. They can be washed biweekly with regularly, daily brushing. Doing so will keep the coat clean and healthy even if it’s not as stylish as the show coat.

Check their ears

Ear infections are incredibly common with dogs because their owners don’t take time to clean their ears. Don’t make this same mistake. You should check your Yorkie’s ears at least once a month. Use vet-approved ear wipes to clean the outer ear of dirt and debris. If you notice gunk or debris inside their ear canal, take them to your vet for a proper cleaning.

Clean their eyes

Yorkies often develop tear stains, or buildups of discharge from their eyes. You can treat their tears by wiping them away with a damp cloth during bath time. However, keep in mind that dogs are very particular about their eyes. So, make sure you work gently, comforting and calming your dog throughout the process.

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