It’s the dog days of summer here in Texas. That means we’re all looking for ways to cool off, including our Yorkshire Terriers! Many dogs and humans cool off by taking a quick swim in the pool, but is this safe for your Yorkie?

Turns out, yes! Yorkies can swim and many enjoy doing so. However, you’ll want to take some precautions before letting your Yorkie swim in the pool.

yorkshire terrier sitting on beach

Start off with a kiddie pool

Like humans, not all dogs know how to swim automatically. Not to mention that not all Yorkies enjoy getting wet. You’ll want to start off your Yorkie in a kiddie pool to determine how well they swim and if they even like it.

Never, under any circumstances, throw your dog into a pool. Not only is this traumatic for the dog, but it could be dangerous if they don’t know how to swim.

Consider a life vest

Because Yorkies are so small, they may have trouble staying afloat in the water. This is especially true in the early days when they haven’t completely learned how to swim. So, after taking a few swims in the kiddie pool, find them a life vest and see how they do in your actual pool.

There are many options when it comes to Yorkie life vests. Once you’ve purchased one, let your Yorkie get used to it on dry land for a bit before you put them in the water. After they’ve become used to their life vest, slowly encourage them to enter the shallow end of your pool. Always stay by your Yorkie’s side to keep them safe.

Make sure the pool is at least 78 degrees Fahrenheit

As you’re teaching your Yorkie how to swim, you’ll want to make sure the water temperature is warm enough for them. We recommend at least 78 degrees to ensure your Yorkie doesn’t get too cold. However, 82 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.

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